Why Do I Have to Pay Monthly for SEO Services?

Many small business owners are surprised once they determine that SEO Services isn’t a one-time deal. They didn’t realize that they need to pay monthly for it.

Here are the most reasons why this is often so:

  • The first thing you would like to understand is that SEO may be a campaign. You just don’t tweak something in your website and Kaboom!—your website shoots straight to the highest for the foremost popular keywords in your niche. It doesn’t work that way.
  • The first few days of working with an SEO firm will contain discussions and research, to work out what your goals are and what the simplest methods are to realize those goals. The firm will “diagnose” your website and various improvements are made thereon in order that it complies with Google’s requirements. The check-up alone can take tons of your time.
  • Then research is formed to work out which keywords to aim for. Some keywords you think are relevant might not actually be employed by your potential customers. Other keywords could also be targeted by large multinational companies with many dollars being spent on marketing. What you and your SEO Services Provider will get to find are the keywords that your potential customers are using but aren’t being heavily targeted by your competitors.
  • After that, the SEO professional will analyze your competitor (especially those that are within the top spots in Google) to ascertain what they’re doing right and to seek out the backlinks they’re using. The most valuable backlinks must be identified, then efforts must be made to urge those backlinks for your website also.
  • Then they will begin the link-building process. Now, this phase will take tons of your time and that’s because Google will penalize you once you suddenly have a thousand backlinks sprouting overnight. To make it appear natural, this process takes months and yes, it will be a continuous process for as long as you want your website to be optimized for search engine ranking. You don’t just stop and say that you’ve got enough backlinks and you don’t need anymore. That’s like stopping or slowing down when you’re during a race. Your competitors are all trying to rank too, and pretty soon you’ll get overtaken if you don’t keep up your pace.
  • Then you’ll also get to feature new content on your website on a daily basis. The highest-ranking websites tend to possess fresh content nearly a day. Since you’ll not be ready to do that yourself, you’ll then need to believe your Monthly SEO provider for this particular task. They will also make sure that the content published on your site is properly optimized as well.  And since this service is also recurring, it will be added to your monthly bill.
  • The SEO firm also does monthly checks on your site. For example, it constantly checks to ascertain that your site is usually up, that your security is adequate against hacking, which the loading speed for your sites is fast. These things are crucial not just for SEO, but for your website visitors (customers) as well.

So even when your website has reached the highest spot for your keywords, you continue to need SEO to stay there in position. And that’s essentially why you need to pay monthly for SEO.


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