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Search Engine Optimization There are two meaningful parts to these three words. One is Search Engine and the other is Optimization. So SEO is a kind of technical web strategy to optimize search engines.
Simply put, the strategy or process of getting a blog/website in a good position in search results or on the first page of a search engine is called SEO. It can also be called a kind of systematic trick to get good results from search engines.

Website Analysis:

  • Website Speed
  • Robot Txt. File
  • Site Map
  • Canonical URLs
  • Privacy Page
  • Disclaimer Page

On-Page SEO Strategy:

Page Optimization:

  • The page should have a minimum of 200 words.
  • Page Url should have the Keyword.
  • Page Meta Details should have the Kws.
  • Kws in Heading(H1, H2, H3).
  • Page content should be Unique.
  • Content should have a minimum of 2 inner links or exterlinks.
  • Kws should be Highlighted in content.
  • The website should update with content every time.

Image Optimization:

  • Image name should have a Proper name
  • size of the image should below 50kb
  • The image tag should have a Title, alt tag

Off-Page Strategy:

  • Target High PR Directories
  • Profile Creations
  • SBM’s
  • Local Listings
  • Classifieds
  • Article & blogs
  • Slides & videos
  • PR
  • News

Social Media Strategy:

  • #tags
  • short URLs
  • @names
  • Groups and Communities
  • Invite for likes and shares

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